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Our company was originally founded in 1995 and since that date has been operating as an independent Turbine overhaul company, covering the following areas: maintenance, repair, plant optimization, operation and turnkey relocation of existing gas, steam turbine, reciprocating HFO units, power stations and refineries.

Our cooperation agreements with worldwide workshops, turbine manufacturers and service corporations allow us to overhaul, repair and test abroad a variety of gas and steam turbines, in particular the overhaul and spare part supply for Solar, GE and Ruston gas turbines.

Using our own specialized workshops in various countries, we are able to offer cost efficient overhauls as well as disassembly and reassembly of power plants, and we also offer our services as your professional service partner and general contractor.

Our staff of employees consists of highly qualified gas and steam turbine engineers and technicians plus reciprocating equipment engineers and technicians and power plant and boiler specialists. These people have been trained by renowned manufacturers and equipment operating companies.

Below are listed our areas of expertise.

- Gas turbines
- Steam turbines
- Gas and diesel /HFO Engines
- Gas and steam turbine plants
- Coal-fired large-scale power plants
- Diesel and emergency back-up generators
- Combined Heat and Power Plants (CHP)
- Bio fuel and Waste-to-Energy plants
- Wind and Solar energy systems
- Supply of new and used Transformers
- Spare parts supply for a large range of equipment.

The Tuba-Turbine portfolio consists of:

Turbine overhauls, supply of new and refurbished spares, general maintenance services, 24hour hotline. On-site inspections / boroscope, hot path inspection and results analysis, equipment modifications and upgrading. Availability of gas and steam turbine engineers and technicians for short or long term assignments. Dismantling and reassembling of turbines, power plants and industrial equipment including site clearance. Training and presentations to clients for project management, construction supervision, equipment overhauls and installations plus quality assurance inspections. Marketing, Rental and Turnkey Relocation of operational plant

Assessment, acquisition and sale, dismantling, item identification, packing, transport, overhaul, reassembling, technical control board certification and first hand turnkey-ready implementation of fully operational turbines, power plants and industrial sites. Relocation of gas and steam turbine equipment and power generation sites. Lease of power generation equipment for flexible periods. Engineering, Assessment, Project Management

Development and adaption of necessary components and coatings. Optimization and upgrade of turbines, boilers, power plant control systems. Plant operation and optimization. Project management, technical advice and equipment assessment.